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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

If you want an eyesore, look at MSU's new nike Pro Combat jerseys

Apparently Nike got Michigan State confused with Baylor -- or at least it looks that way based on the new Nike Pro Combat Spartan jerseys that were unveiled this morning. The jerseys, which can be seen on, are dark green, with black pants and gold numbers and gold helmets with a green stripe. GOLD? The early rumors were that the jerseys were going to be a black and green combo, which I think had a chance, but these uniforms say anything but MSU. The Spartans may wear these for the Michigan game -- can't wait to here the crowd chanting Go Green!, Go White! ... and Gold! Nike recently released Pro Combat uniforms for Georgia which were also heavily criticized, but these new MSU unis may trump even the Under Armor Maryland uniforms as the most hideous of the new era.


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